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Bali / Thailand
If you operate or help operate a hotel, villa, guesthouse / homestay or other form of accommodation in either Bali or Thailand, you gain automatic access to this last minute reservations site when you join Travel Ethos. The basics of Travel Ethos are you enter your details, upload your photos and tick all the relevant feature boxes in the admin section you create when you join; this is a very easy process and the admin area is extremely simple to use. Any enquiries / inquiries made by users of the site come to you in English in a hotel friendly format email which clearly indicates they have enquired via Travel Ethos. You or your staff then simply reply to the guest directly, treating them as you would as if they had enquired via your own web site. Every month on the 8th Travel Ethos sends out a statement of enquiries that specified a likely check-out date for the previous month (of the statement). You / your staff then simply indicate which ones stayed and what Travel Ethos' commission is (Travel Ethos charges just 5% for the reservation period amount after any tax and service are factored out). If an enquirer did not stay, no problem. Just compete the commission statement for those guests that originated from Travel Ethos and booked, paid and stayed with you directly; there are no other charges. To reduce administration time, you do not even have to pay what you owe until the total cumulative amount reaches US$100. What is more, you do not pay Travel Ethos anything as all commission payments go to our nominated children's charities in Bali or Thailand, so you are helping a good cause while getting extra valuable guests!

In the Travel Ethos admin section that is created for you when you join that site, if you go to the rates section there is a "Last Minute Bargains" link / sub-section for you to enter late availability specials; anything you enter there gets automatically and immediately added to this site at no extra cost to you.

Other Countries
If you would like your hotel, villa, homestay or even travel site featured here on one of our country pages, please go to the contact us page and send us an email. You have two options as to how to get a link on our country pages;
1) Is a US$500 donation to one of our nominated children's charities - this amount buys you a link from us for 1 year.
2) Is to link back to us from your real web pages (not a link exchange page, we do not do that).
In either case, your site must be 100% legal and ethical, as must be your hotel / accommodations / travel business. We do not link to anyone who robs hotel workers of service charges for example, nor do we link to businesses owned by notorious families like the Suharto's, nor do we link to businesses that are bad for the environment or local culture.

Hotel Club
The other way to get listed directly or indirectly on this site is to make sure your accommodations are listed with Rates To Go, a division of Hotel Club (Flairview Travel PTY of Australia).


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